Is it important that we try to legalize porn?

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  • April 3, 2017
  • After having tried many different roles in the London adult entertainment industry, I know that it is important to be involved in legal operations. At the moment, I am working for Elephant and Castle escorts, but I have also been a stripper and table top dancer in Soho. During that time, I worked for some good employers and bad ones. The bad ones were mainly illegal operations without licences but it could be hard to tell the difference. For instance, you may find that an illegal employer can be slow in paying you.

    elephant castle escort

    Nude dancing in London such as stripping is probably one of those activities that many clubs in Soho try to get away with on an illegal basis. It is a great way to attract clients to a bar, but the girls are not always that well looked after. Just before I joined Elephant and Castle escorts, I worked illegally for a bar in Soho. At first I did not realise that, but when the owner of the bar started to mess around with my payment, I soon realised that it was an illegal operation.

    It is really hard to know that the operation that you are about to join is legal. Most of my colleagues here at Elephant and Castle escorts, have had problems with illegal operations in London and I keep wondering how we can make it better for workers within the adult entertainment industry in London. One way would be to license the girls who do all of the dancing. If the girls had to comply with stricter regulations, I am sure that they would be more careful.

    As it is now, any girl can start to dance in a bar, and I am not sure that is right. If they all had a license, and was told that if they danced for an illegal operation they would lose that license, they would soon put a stop to it. No girl would like to lose her job and if it led to that, I think that you would see things change very quickly. As a matter of fact, you could do the same thing for the escort service here in London. Elephant and Castle escorts service is a a legal organisation but many others are not.

    At first when is started to work in Soho, I never used to worry about this sort of thing, but now I think about it a lot. I am sure that a lot of girls have lost a lot of money by not working for legal operations in Soho or elsewhere. Did I check out Elephant and Castle escorts before I joined them? You bet that I did. After all of the hassle that I have had in the adult industry here in London, I would not want to to work for a less than legit organisation, and that is the main reason why I checked them out. I am glad to say that they are okay and a quality London escort agency.…

    The services of Canary Wharf escorts

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  • March 5, 2017
  • The agency used to just offer one-on-one dating, but over the last few years, services have been extended a lot. Gents who date VIP escorts like Canary Wharf escorts of travel a lot, and that means they come across lots of different escort’s services. I have personally dated in the States a fair bit, and come across things that I am now beginning to see here. For instance, duo dating is becoming very popular in London, and Canary Wharf escorts also offer an escorts for couple’s service. I am not sure how that is doing, but I have noticed more and more girls are taking part in it.

    Canary Wharf escorts
    Role play, or fantasy dates, never used to be very popular in the UK, but all of that has changed now. In all honesty, I have tried a few role play dates myself and I have enjoyed them. The dates that I have been on have been a lot of fun, and if you like, sheer escapism. It is not that sort of thing all of us would dream of doing, but I am enjoying getting stuck into living some of fantasies. It certainly takes you away from everyday life, and I suppose that is the good thing about it.

    How do you rate the service?

    On a scale of 10, I would give Canary Wharf escorts 10 out of 10. Yes, I have tried other services but there is something missing. I cannot exactly put my finger on what is missing, but I am sure that the dates that I have had through other agencies have not been as good. That is why I know exclusively use Canary Wharf escorts. Also, I have a lot of regular girls that I like to see at the agency, and that makes a lot of difference. It is a bit like having a personal relationship without any of the commitments. Dating escorts fits in with my lifestyle, and I can’t see that I am ever going to give it up.

    Would I recommend Canary Wharf escorts? Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Canary Wharf escorts. This is THE place to come in London, if you want to have some adult fun, and you will find some stunning sexy vixens here. Most escorts appreciate an online review these days, and let’s put it this way, I have never given a Canary Wharf escort a bad review.

    I date here at the agency almost every week, and I try to see my favorite hot babes as often as I can. The girls are very busy, so I cannot always get a date with my favorite girls. But, that does not worry me. I know that all of the girls at the agency are capable of delivering exactly what I need, and that matters a lot.

    Canary Wharf escort service is an agency that you can trust to get it right all of the time, and that says everything that you need to know. I have never been disappointed on a date, and always been able to enjoy myself. There is no way, I would consider using any other London escort service or agency.…

    Barbican escorts

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  • March 2, 2017
  • Barbican escorts of say that their part of town is getting really busy and many new escorts are arriving on the scene. However, one of the problems is that many of the new Barbican escorts are from out of town. Many of the girls who are joining Barbican escorts are from places like Poland and Hungary, and some of the born and bred Barbican escorts, say that they should not be allowed to call themselves Barbican escorts. After all, they are not born in Barbican.

    young ladies with attitude 

    Difficult Situation

    This must be a difficult situation for many agency bosses who has worked very hard to get their agencies up and running. It is not to have girls fighting amongst themselves, and I don’t really need to see why this should be the case. At the end of the day all of these young ladies work for Barbican agencies.

    However, I can understand where the original Barbican girls are coming from. They are saying that the influx of girls from other countries is taking work away from them and they don’t think this is fair. Barbican girls do have a point, and I think it should be addressed.

    Local Girls

    Local girls say that a lot of foreign girls from Poland and Hungary are happy to work for less. They seem to have a lot of less living expenses as they often share apartments, and you may even find six girls living in one apartment. A lot of these ladies do not have any intention of staying in the UK. They are only here to earn money, and to send money back home to their families in Poland and elsewhere.

    Most of them will leave after a few years, and that means that in the meantime. Local ladies will have lost their jobs. This is a crisis which seems to be affecting all of the UK, and not only the escorts’ service. London is an expensive place to live, and many of the local girls have families and mortgages to pay. I can completely understand how they feel about the situation.

    Foreign Agencies

    A few foreign agencies have also recently been set up in Barbican. The locals have noted that many of these agencies are not legal, and have reported them. Not all of them, but some of them have been closed down. The problem is that most of them are operated from a mobile phone, and the owners just get another phone. After that they change the phone number on the web site, and off they go again.

    This hardly seems fair somehow and I think it can damage the reputation of local agencies that are well run. It is a real shame when this happens, but you do see a lot of this in business in the UK today. Foreign workers are trying to take over the local economy, and this can lead to lots of problems. The EU was a great idea but it seems that it benefits some membership states more than others.…

    Tell me about your desires

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  • February 6, 2017

    My name is Deny and I work for Eton escorts. I know that there are many gents out there who never tell their partners about their desires. I know that it can be hard, and that is why I would like you to come and see me. I love talking about desires and different desires, and I am more than happy to chat to you. As a matter of fact, I know that many gents really like to tell me all about their desires.


    Eton escorts

    Would you like to share your desires with me? Some gents that I meet at Eton escorts like have never shared or talked about their desires at all. The truth is that we are often a little bit worried about our desires and we may not want to talk about them. I know that it can be tough sometime but I would recommend that you did speak about them. It could be that your partner or girlfriend would find your dreams and desires a total turn. I have had many boyfriends with exciting desires and I have enjoyed sharing them.


    Let’s be honest, we all have desires and we all like them to come out and play at times. A lot of the gents that I date at Eton escorts only let their desires out behind closed doors during solo play. In many ways, I find that kind of sad. I would like to think that we have come along when it comes to talking about our feelings and emotions. It is hard to believe that we still find it hard to talk about our desires.


    I like to let my desires out to play. When I am not at Eton escorts, I often let my desires out to play. The thing is that I love Swingers parties. The secret is that I enjoy going on my own to different parties. Sometimes I go to real extremes and visit Swingers parties at different parts of the country. It is easy to do. All I do is to check into a local quality hotel and then I find the venue for the evening. Many Swingers are happy for some extra company and another pair of hands.


    My secret sex desire is that I like to be pleased by different men. Most people find that hard to relate to but some of my friends here at Eton escorts can totally relate to that. Having a new partner is always exciting and I sometimes think that you are braver with a new partner. I know that I am and enjoy sharing my desires with a new partner every so often. This is the main reason why I swing. If you want to be truly free, I think that you need to liberate yourself. One of the best ways to do so, is to explore your own sexual boundaries and then learn how to explore others. If you feel that you have something to offer, why don’t you visit a Swinger’s party near you? I am sure that you would enjoy it.


    My favorite babes at St Albans Escorts

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  • January 25, 2017
  • Do you ever have a hankering for dating really hot girls in London? If you are that kind of gent who would like to date the hottest of the hot, I think that you need to check out St Albans escorts. Often you will find that escort services outside of the center of London are often ignored and that is such a shame. Most of them are really good and they have some hot and talented girls available, I love them and I prefer using them. That is actually how I came St Albans escorts.

    Tina is one of my favoritebabes at St Albans escorts. She was born in the US but her mum is British. After having worked as an escort in the US, she decided that she would move to the UK to give escorting ago. Talking to her is kind of interesting and you soon appreciate that there is more to this girl than meets the eyes. Not that I will ever get sick of her 34 E boobs and perfect figure. She is certainly one of my favorite babes at the agency and I love to spend time with her.

    your favorite babes in st. albans escorts

    Are you looking for a kinky time with someone a bit more exotic? If you are, you want to check out Miso. Just like the Japanese soup, she seems to be able to be many things to people. I love the fact that she loves to dress up as Geisha. It really turns me on and when she meets me at the door dressed like a Geisha, I am immediately transported to a different world. I get so turned on my her and she has quickly become one of my favorite girls at St Albans escorts. If you are looking for exotic company, she is the one for you.

    Do you like hot Black girls? I must admit that I have a real hankering for Black girls from time to time, and I love to meet up with them. Sandy is hot Jamaican lady at St Albans escorts and she can really set your loins on fire. We have spent a lot of time together and she really knows how to look after her gents. I think she is one of the hottest babes that I have ever met at St Albans escort services, and many other gents feel the same way, you may have to wait to get a date with her.

    I love all of my favorite girls at St Albans escorts. Unlike so many other escort agencies, the agency do not go through to many escorts. The girls must do well at the agency because most of them do stay for a long time. I like that and it tells me that the girls are good at what they do as well. If you would like to have a date with a hot babe at the agency, I would recommend that you check out the web site. Find your dream girl and give the agency a call. They all work as outcall escorts and they will be around to your place as quick as they can and you can start to enjoy their company.…

    How a Sex Workshop of Chelsea Escorts Changed My Intimate Life

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  • January 2, 2017
  • I must say I always used to admire and loathe Chelsea escorts from in the same measure. My husband was so fond of seeking their services beyond my back that is until I stumbled upon stashed away receipts of various hotels. I was so furious and that is when it all started making sense. Ever since we had our first child we had put our sexual interests on the back burner. He had been making frequent business trips over the last year. It hit me now that my hubby of 5 years was now satisfying his sexual needs through Chelsea escorts.

    Chelsea Escorts
    Chelsea Escorts

    I decided to do the unimaginable and enrolled in a sex workshop to better my sexual interest and skills and also save my marriage and save my sex life. I had been seeing them online and I finally saw this to be the only salvation I had to my sex woes. I grew to be more open minded to sexual changes and started viewing everything as an important lesson. I broke out of my shell and gained more confidence sexually. I was more open to trying new positions and we were taught on how to boost physical confidence even after child birth.

    I was always turned off by oral sex. My curiosity took the better of me and I learnt on how to please my partner as we both have fun. During the workshop we had a lot of class practice as the instructors took the participants through the process with bananas that were covered with condoms for us to try out techniques as they introduced them. I learnt a lot on female pleasure, oral sex tricks, tips on enhancing foreplay, techniques, myths, facts on the G-spot and we also had toy or video demonstrations on different aspects of sex.

    I got to understand that many men stray and seek the services of Chelsea escorts because they are daring, empowered and open minded. During the workshop we also had classes on anal play for those who were interested and comfortable with it. We tried out yoga to enhance muscle workouts and connect with our sexual sides. We used blindfolds to enhance our senses and I learnt how to tune myself deeply, both body and mind with the environment to enhance pleasure for my partner and I. There were illustrations on sexual positions and we were all urged to try with partners whom we were paired up with.

    At the end of the workshop, I must say I was confident, empowered and sexually changed just like Chelsea escorts are. I realized it is all about going the extra mile to have that motivation. For Chelsea escorts it is money since to them it is business and they get paid for their services. I was rejuvenated sexually and soon enough my sex life was revamped. My husband and I were all over each other every free minute we got. I enjoy our sexual encounters more now and we look forward to spending time alone. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of sex workshops. All I can say is it changed my sex life for good and I am not about to let go of this new found bliss for anything or anyone.…

    How to get the help of mayfair escorts

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  • December 26, 2016
  • mayfair escorts
    mayfair escorts

    When looking for escorts in the city of mayfair, you will be sure that you would get these features that you would need especially when making your decision on whether you need to hire them or not. These are some of the features that will help you especially when hiring these mayfair escorts. The people who have been hiring mayfair escorts have been happy with the kind of services that they do provide especially when making that perfect choice. Here are some of the tips that will help you make a perfect choice:

    The work of the mayfair escorts should be a determinant that will enable you make an informed decision especially when looking for the best deals. During your time, you will always be certain that you would get the features of mayfair escorts that will help you have a great time when making your choice. This means that you will hire mayfair escorts like who will provide you excellent services when you hire them. You will definitely be certain that you will get these escort services whenever you do need them.

    You will be certain that you would enjoy the cost of hiring mayfair escorts when making your decision in the market thus making it one of the deals that you would have during the process when making your options. Buyers have been certain of having great times in the mayfair when hiring the mayfair escorts thus making them to enjoy themselves during the holidays.

    How should you save on the cost? When you want to save money on the cost of hiring mayfair escorts, you will have facts that will enable you make a perfect decision during the process when making sure that you enjoy having them during the time when getting them. You will appreciate the benefits of hiring them in the process thus making you enjoy your stay in the city.

    You should ensure that you compare the different prices right in the market before hiring mayfair escorts since this will enable you be in a position of hiring them if you need to have memorable moments in the city. You will definitely have a great time in the city during the process when having fun. The people who have been hiring these mayfair escorts have always been happy with the services thus making it one of the ways of getting these escort services.

    You must ensure that you hire those mayfair escorts who have experience that would play an important role whenever you are seeking their help. You will definitely be certain that you would get the best deals during the time even as you do make your decision right when hiring mayfair escorts. The men have always been having great times with the mayfair escorts since they have expertise needed to have a great time. This would be a perfect decision during the process when making sure that you enjoy having them during the time when getting them.

    In conclusion, you should ensure that you hire mayfair escorts when planning to celebrate your times in the best way in the city.





    How to feel sexy for you

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  • December 6, 2016
  • It is important to feel sexy for you. During all of the time I have worked for Holborn escorts in, I have come to appreciate how important it is to feel sexy for you. Sexy is more than skin deep and it sort of comes from inside out. I know that is kind of a funny way to describe things, but sexiness is about so many different things. You read all sorts of stuff in places like Cosmo and other magazines, and when you step back and think about it. Nothing really makes sense.

    super hot and sexy young girls of holborn escort

    I do rather well at Holborn escorts, and one of the things that makes me feel really sexy is buying lingerie. Okay, I don’t spend all of the money I earn on lingerie, but what I do do, is to make to make sure that I buy quality lingerie. The truth is that there is something really special about quality lingerie. Cheap lingerie does not make you feel the same as good quality more expensive lingerie, and this is why I always invest in the good stuff. It is special and makes me feel really good about myself. My favorite material is silk for work, and good quality cotton for home.

    I also make sure that I eat food that makes me feel sexy. This is all about eating food which gives you energy and balances your hormones. I do have a couple of favorite foods that I eat every day when I am working for Holborn escorts. For instance, strawberries really get me going in the morning, so I make sure that I have some strawberries before I start my shift at Holborn escort services. Not only do they taste great but they are just packed with vitamins and other good stuff that gets you going.

    Exercise is important as well, and to increase my libido at Holborn escorts, I make sure that I get plenty of exercise. There is no way that I would go without my exercise. Apart from sexercise, my favorite exercises are walking or yoga. Yoga is such a sensual exercise, and if you do it right, it can seriously turn you. I don’t like to build massive muscles, so walking is my go to exercise for doing some light and healthy cardio work. Of course, there are some great parks to walk in here in London.

    Most girls at Holborn escorts know how important it is to feel sexy for the job. We all have our different tricks and techniques that we used to limber up for our work at the agency. Now the thing is that you might enjoy some of those special touches as well. Why don’t you come along to visit us, and we will share our considerable experience with you. There is nothing like feeling good about yourself to be sexy, and we would just love to help you to do that. Just give us a call when you are ready to come over, and we will see you anytime you like.…

    Belmont Park escorts

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  • October 17, 2016
  • I love escorting, says Krista from Belmont Park escorts like The thing is that I am going to go to university next year, but I already know it is going to be hard to give up escorting. Looking back on the past two years that I have worked here, I have had a really great time. The boss has been great and we have had a lot of fun together. I am grateful for my career here as otherwise I would not have been able to go to university, it is really expensive these days. In a way, I wish I wouldn’t have to live but I want to educate myself.

    Belmont Park escorts
    Belmont Park escorts

    You would be surprised how many Belmont Park escorts work here for a couple of years, ant hen go off and do something else. Some girls go off to start their own business, and others go to college and university. I think a lot of people think of escorts as mindless or brainless bimbos, but this isn’t true at all. All of the escorts that I know are really smart and they like to educate themselves. Just look at the amount of foreign escorts we have here who speak a couple of different languages, says Krista.

    I think that society needs to change its attitude towards escorts. So many ladies think that we are not very nice girls, but the fact is that most escorts are very nice indeed. I have dated a lot of gents who keep telling me how nice they think I am, and I know that other Belmont Park escorts, have been told the same. It can actually be quite frustrating at times when you realize that not everybody thinks you are a nice person. If, I could I would tell them exactly what I think of them.

    The owner of our agency used to be an escort before she started the agency. I think this has helped a lot. She understand what the many different problems are and she is around a lot. I have worked in other business where the owners have just taken a back seat, and waited for the money to roll in. Not here at Belmont Park escorts. Everyone seem to be really involved in the agency, and that has made a huge difference. If you have a problem, you can always speak to somebody. I wish I could say that for other companies out there.

    I hope my university experience will be a positive one. If it isn’t, I will drop everything and come back to Belmont Park escorts. It would be so neat if I could work part time here but my university is in Cambridge. I would have to travel down at weekends, and that could be quite hard work. Also, I want to bury my head in the books and study as hard as I can. Once I have finished, I will come back to Belmont Park and see all of my friends here. I know that I will miss them all, and they will miss me as well.…

    Sexual Encounters With Age And Beauty

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  • September 28, 2016
  • Veronica was a tall, sensuous, voluptuous woman who seemed to radiate confidence and authority as easily as she projected sensuality. You would never know to look at her that she was forty-five years old, but you would certainly know the moment that you were in bed with her. Few younger women had the confidence and the complete lack of inhibition of a woman who had truly learned what she wanted and who knew how to take it.

    She took her latest young adult lover, Zach, to her own private loft apartment which overlooked the sparkling lights of the city below. Neither of them had expected to find anyone that evening. They were just spending some relaxing time alone at a bar. Veronica sometimes came there just to unwind from her own busy professional life, where commanding power and authority required some downtime in order to be sustainable. Zach was a graduate student who barely got any time off and who needed to spend at least a few minutes a week free of the responsibilities and the crushing burdens placed on him at every moment. He wasn’t expecting to meet a woman who could do that in one night. Suddenly all of his pressures at school and all of her pressures at work no longer mattered.

    The two of them could hardly keep their hands off of each other. They’d only scarcely made it through the door when Veronica pulled Zach into a strong and passionate embrace and the two of them kissed with such force that it seemed to give them an entirely new power.

    Zach practically tore off Veronica’s clothes as the two of them backed into her bedroom. He vigorously rubbed her soft, full breasts as she cried out in ecstasy. The two of them practically collapsed into bed, exploring each other’s bodies and feeling the heat and desire in every motion and every quiver of flesh. Still, Veronica knows the way better than any man Zach’s age and effortlessly guides him forward, getting him to feel what she’s feeling and allowing them both to meet in the same place and peak together. Their moment of orgasm was a moment of pleasure and of clarity for both of them.

    The heat and warmth faded and the two of them drifted into the relaxing bliss of togetherness at the end. Veronica knew that Zach was not going to be the last of them, and he knew it to, but it didn’t make what they had any less passionate.

    To know more, visit at…