Are men becoming too feminine looking?

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  • July 25, 2018
  • What is going on with men these days? I think that a lot of the men I date at London escorts are beginning to look really feminine. It is not only them, but other guys I meet seem to be worried about expressing their masculinity. A couple of the other girls have spoken about it as well, and one girl at our London escorts agency, remarked that very few of the gentlemen she dates on a regular basis seem to wear ties any more. Up until I had not thought about it, but it is in fact very true.Men are always being told to get in touch with their feminine side. When I read the British press, there seems to be an awful lot of what I call “man bashing” going on. Are men frightened of being men these days? When I stop and think about it, I would have to say that a lot of men I meet at cheap outcall escorts do seem a little bit worried about being themselves.

    When I listen to them speak, I have even noticed that some men are beginning to speak differently. They are using more and more feminine phrases, and I am not the only girl at London escorts who have picked up on that neither.The colours men are wearing are changing. The white shirt used to be the most popular shirt colour at London escorts, but now I see a lot of pink and turquoise shirts. I am not sure if I am okay with that. Men used to wear perhaps a pink shirt to a wedding but are pink shirts really meant for offices?

    I certainly don’t think that pink shirts belong in offices, and men should think twice before they put on a pink shirt. Maybe not all of the girls at London escorts agree with that, but I happen to think that I am right.I also have this secret passion for cufflinks and I think that a man looks amazing when he wears cufflinks. But, I can’t remember the last time I had a date at London escorts with a man wearing cufflinks. This seems to be another man’s fashion item which has really gone out of fashion, and I think it is such a shame.

    You may want to call me weird, but I think that cufflinks on a man are dead sexy, and they turn me on like mad.What is the future of men’s fashion? If we carry on like this, I think that we are going to end up with a bunch of men walking around in skirt to get in touch with themselves. It is silly.

    We really need to stop the man bashing in the British press, and let men be themselves again. I love my work at London escorts, but I would like to meet real men. At the moment I don’t feel like I am doing so. Something is “shifting” but I am not sure that it is for the better. Perhaps there are some powerful women out there who would like to make men feel less good about themselves. In that case, I have something to say to them – find something else to do with your time.

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