Do you worry about fake news?

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  • July 18, 2018
  • President Trump seems to be obsessed by fake news. The only problem is that he spreads fake news himself. When you listen to him speak sometimes, you think that the guy is completely nuts. I had a little break during my Chiswick escorts evening shift the other day, and I took an opportunity to catch up on the news online. It is hard to believe that the Donald has the cheek to accuse former President Obama of wire tapping his phone in Trump Tower. Normally politics is not something that I am interested in but Donald Trump has got me going. I think that he is a total mad man and I am not sure that he is going to last. He may have some good ideas but I cannot see how he is going to get that wall build on the border with Mexico. At the moment there are less Mexicans coming through anyway, and I think that they are actually rather worried about their future in the United States. Not only does he sound like a man when he speaks, but like one of the girls here at Chiswick escorts of says, why does he have the time to Tweet. After all, he is supposed to be the president of the United States and I would have hoped that he has more important things to do. But then again, perhaps he is just interested in causing scandals. Most of the girls here at Chiswick escorts have no intention of travelling to the US while he is in charge. Should the American public stand up and do something about it? I think that if I lived and worked in the US now, I would say something about it. There are lots of protest matches in Washington at the moment according to one of the girls who used to work with us here at Chiswick escorts. She got married to an American guy and now live in Washington DC. Also she says there is a sense of expectation hanging in the air, it is almost like people are expecting something to go wrong. I am not sure but I do find it a bit spooky and scary with a guy like that in charge. I have always enjoyed travelling to the US, but I am not planning to do so for the next four years. If Donald Trump is not re-elected, I would certainly consider going back to the US, but not at the moment. I keep on wondering what is going to happen, and I also feel sorry for his wife. She looks really fed up sometimes, and I cannot blame her. Would I want to date Trump here at Chiswick escorts? If he turned up and asked me for a date, I would say no. You cannot trust him and I think that he has a terrible temper. This is one seriously dangerous guy, and I think that he is actually more dangerous than the guy in North Vietnam.

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