How a Sex Workshop of Chelsea Escorts Changed My Intimate Life

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  • January 2, 2017
  • I must say I always used to admire and loathe Chelsea escorts fromĀ in the same measure. My husband was so fond of seeking their services beyond my back that is until I stumbled upon stashed away receipts of various hotels. I was so furious and that is when it all started making sense. Ever since we had our first child we had put our sexual interests on the back burner. He had been making frequent business trips over the last year. It hit me now that my hubby of 5 years was now satisfying his sexual needs through Chelsea escorts.

    Chelsea Escorts
    Chelsea Escorts

    I decided to do the unimaginable and enrolled in a sex workshop to better my sexual interest and skills and also save my marriage and save my sex life. I had been seeing them online and I finally saw this to be the only salvation I had to my sex woes. I grew to be more open minded to sexual changes and started viewing everything as an important lesson. I broke out of my shell and gained more confidence sexually. I was more open to trying new positions and we were taught on how to boost physical confidence even after child birth.

    I was always turned off by oral sex. My curiosity took the better of me and I learnt on how to please my partner as we both have fun. During the workshop we had a lot of class practice as the instructors took the participants through the process with bananas that were covered with condoms for us to try out techniques as they introduced them. I learnt a lot on female pleasure, oral sex tricks, tips on enhancing foreplay, techniques, myths, facts on the G-spot and we also had toy or video demonstrations on different aspects of sex.

    I got to understand that many men stray and seek the services of Chelsea escorts because they are daring, empowered and open minded. During the workshop we also had classes on anal play for those who were interested and comfortable with it. We tried out yoga to enhance muscle workouts and connect with our sexual sides. We used blindfolds to enhance our senses and I learnt how to tune myself deeply, both body and mind with the environment to enhance pleasure for my partner and I. There were illustrations on sexual positions and we were all urged to try with partners whom we were paired up with.

    At the end of the workshop, I must say I was confident, empowered and sexually changed just like Chelsea escorts are. I realized it is all about going the extra mile to have that motivation. For Chelsea escorts it is money since to them it is business and they get paid for their services. I was rejuvenated sexually and soon enough my sex life was revamped. My husband and I were all over each other every free minute we got. I enjoy our sexual encounters more now and we look forward to spending time alone. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of sex workshops. All I can say is it changed my sex life for good and I am not about to let go of this new found bliss for anything or anyone.

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