Should I start my own blog about men

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  • April 9, 2019
  • The girls I work with at cheap London escorts ask me a lot of dating advice. I have been working for London escorts since I was 18 years old, and you can say that I know my way around men now. As a matter of fact, some of the girls that I work with at London escorts think that I am so good with men that I should start my own man blog giving other women advice about men and how to enjoy their company.

    Maybe it is about time I cut down on my hours at cheap London escorts a little bit. I am pushing 30 now, and although I still have a great time at London escorts, it would be fun to add another string to my bow. Sure, I have a lot of regulars at London escorts, but I have to admit that there are things that I like to try my hand at. I know that many women feel a bit lost around men still and many of my girlfriends are looking for what can only be called man advice. Maybe I would be good at that?

    Men often think that women are the mysterious sex. That is not true. I know many men who can be hard to get to know. A little bit depends on their cultural background. English men can sometimes be very hard to get to know. That is just one of the things that I have learned during my time at cheap London escorts. They like to hook up with sexy girls from cheap London escorts, but they don’t often share of themselves that much. The same thing can’t be said for Australian and American men, they love to tell you their life histories.

    What do women want to know about men? The truth is that they want to know all sorts of things. Some girls even ask me what they should buy their boyfriends for their birthdays. You be surprised at how many questions I get asked. Other women want to know if men like sex toys. Most men that I have met at London escorts really love sex toys. Don’t forget to play with girlie type sex toys when you are together with your male partner. Most men that I have met enjoy those good vibrations just as much.

    Are all men kinky? That is the question that I get asked most commonly. I think that is a funny thing to ask as most women that I know are just as kinky as men. To me, it seems that some women have this hung up about it is just men who are kinky. I have met plenty of kinky women in my life, and many of them work right here at London escorts. They have a great time having sexy fun at London escorts. Do men like a different kind of kinky stuff? You be surprised – many men like to the same sort of thing. Maybe I should, after all, start that website and give girls some tips on what kind of kink most men appreciate.

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